Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

Process tool for testing and evaluating future plans for adaptation – using storylines and pathways for adaptation to CC across Europe

This deliverable show how findings from modeling, case studies and the RCP-SSP story line framework can be brought together to inform adaptation policies across Europe using a step by step process tool. The steps of the tool are explained and implemented for 4 regional storylines (Northern-Arctic, North-Western, Central-Eastern and Southern-Mediterranean Europe) and three combined socio-economic and climate scenarios with different adaptation and mitigation challenges. In this way, main BASE results from top-down modeling, case-study analysis and policy development are brought together showing some general trends in management challenges and pathways of responses to move forward. At the same time it is illustrated that the diverse local and sectorial challenges can be informed by these storylines and pathways but need to be tackled by local participatory policy development.

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August, 2016