Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

Anil Markandya

Anil Markandya has worked in the field of resource and environmental economics for over thirty years and is acknowledged as one of the authorities in this area. He has published widely in the areas of climate change, environmental valuation, biodiversity, environmental policy, energy and environment, green accounting, macroeconomics and trade. He was a lead author for Chapters of the 3rd and 4th IPCC Assessment Reports on Climate Change, which were awarded a share of the Nobel Peace in 2007. In 2008 he was nominated by Cambridge University as one of the top 50 contributors to thinking on sustainability in the world and he won 2nd Prize for a paper delivered to the World Energy Council (2008 Meetings). In 2010 he was nominated as a Lead Author for the 5th IPCC Assessment (WGII), starting in 2011 and he contributed to the TEEB Report on the Economics of Biodiversity.
In BASE he is involved in the development of models and tools for top-down approaches and specifically in the analysis of uncertainty and spatial scale in integrated assessment models. He will contribute to the case study development as well as in the up-scaling procedure for costs and benefits of adaptation and strategies for enhancing policy coherence.