Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

Other Projects

Research projects on climate adaptation in Europe are increasing in number and scope. This area does not aim to provide an exhaustive list of such projects, but gives details of climate adaptation projects with links to the BASE project and its partners.  
RAMSES is a project funded under the same call for proposals as BASE and will develop a rigorous, analytical framework for the implementation of adaptation strategies and measures in EU and international cities.
The ToPDAd project is funded under the same call for proposals as BASE and develops state-of-the-art socioeconomic methods and tools for an integrated assessment supporting regional adaptation decision-making.
Deltares currently works on two 'Knowledge for Climate' projects: Climate Proof Flood Risk Management and Climate Proof Water Supply. These research programmes aim to perform an in-depth interdisciplinary assessment of innovative measures to reduce flood risk and to bridge the growing mismatch between demand and supply of fresh water (quantity and salinity) in the changing Dutch Delta.
BeWater aims to promote dialogue and collaboration between science and society in sustainable water management in the Mediterranean. Participatory processes involving scientists, stakeholders and citizens in four pilot river basins will be carried out to identify and share the challenges of climate change, analyse water management options and elaborate specific adaptation plans. 
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