Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

BASE at ECCA 2015

As one of three European adaptation projects organising the conference, BASE researchers will be playing a major role in the activities at ECCA 2015. This including chairing sessions and workshops, presenting new research findings, hosting a booth about BASE at the Expo, as well as ensuring the conference runs smoothly. Here we present an overview of some of the many ways in which BASE will be active at ECCA 2015.

BASE sessions 

Sessions moderated by members of the BASE team include:

  • Multi-level government and climate change adaptation: reconciling bottom-up and top-down perspectives? - May 12, Room 12, 14.00-16.00Read more here
  • Safeguarding our shores: social and cultural dimensions of coastal climate change adaptation in Europe and the U.S - May 12, Room 18, 14.00-16.00. Read more here
  • Adaptation policies and measures in the Mediterranean region - May 12, Room 19, 14.00-16.00. Read more here
  • Decision support in climate change adaptation – Supply and demand side perspectives - May 13, Room 18, 11.00-13.00. Read more here
  • An integrated perspective on climate change adaptation and mitigation. Insights from global economic models - May 13, Auditorium 15. 16.30-18.30. Read more here
  • Economic Instruments of Adaptation - May 13, Room 12, 16.30-18.30. Read more here
  • Ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation and disaster risk reduction - May 14, Room 10, 8.30-10.30. Read more here
  • Climate Change and public health - May 14, Room 11, 8.30-10.30. Read more here
  • Drawing Lessons from National Experiences of Adaptation Planning and Strategy Making - May 14, Room 20, 11.00-13.00. Read more here
BASE workshops

Workshops moderated by members of the BASE team include:

  • The role and use of Participatory Methodologies in Climate Change Adaptation - May 13, Room 17, 16.30-18.30. Read more here.
BASE exhibition booth
BASE will also host a booth as part of the Expo at ECCA 2015. Print copies of BASE materials will be available to collect, alongside posters presenting some of the work ongoing in the project. Stop by to learn more about the exciting work being done by BASE!
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