Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

BASE launches the beta version of the BECCA adaptation tool

The BECCA tool intends to bring to life a BASE deliverable focused on Evaluation Criteria for Climate Adaptation (BECCA). This tool is a demonstration, a "beta-version" in order to assess its usefulness, clarity and rigor.

The BECCA is a framework and criteria set that can be used to evaluate the implementation of adaptation policies and measures. It is based on a meta-analysis of existing frameworks and criteria sets for evaluating climate adaptation conducted at the international, EU, Member State, sub-national and local levels. The criteria were analysed according to, inter alia, clarity of definition, overlaps between different criteria, transferability and existing experiences with their use.

BECCA was ‘road-tested’ with 20 BASE case studies. On this basis, we revised the draft BECCA and developed recommendations on how, and for which contexts, BECCA can be used. As a result, BECCA can be understood as a check list of evaluation criteria for climate adaptation action which has to be applied selectively by the user who wishes to evaluate a concrete, context-bound adaptation case.

The BECCA tool supports the selection of different BECCA criteria for an individual adaptation decision situation.

Feel free to test the tool and send your feedback to


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