Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

BASE Workshop: Strategic forum on storm surges

As part of the work in the Copenhagen BASE case study, and the work on participation in climate change adaptation, the Danish Board of Technology (DBT) held a ‘strategic forum’ on storm-surges on 25 April 2014. It was the second event of four, initiated by DBT in cooperation with the Municipality of Copenhagen, where stakeholders, experts and decision-makers can convene to discuss and work on themes within coastal protection and storm-surge adaptation.
Joost Stronkhorst of Deltares, addresses the workshop (Photo credit: Jørgen Madsen, DBT)
The topic on 25 April was financing adaptation to storm-surges, and the discussion involved several coastal municipalities, national authorities and stakeholders (amongst others, an expert from the BASE partner, Deltares). The aim of the day was to:
  1. Initiate dialogue between central actors on the basis of financing adaptation to storm-surge and coastal protection.
  2. Highlight experiences and complications from the state and municipal level, as well as the legal and regulatory challenges.
  3. Discuss and uncover solutions for financing storm-surge (tangible proposals and needs for legal amendments).
The discussions and ideas (dilemmas, opportunities, concerns and solutions) drawn from the day will be used in a 3-4 page policy report on financing adaptation to storm-surge in Copenhagen and Denmark as a whole. The policy report will be disseminated to policy- and decision-makers at national, regional and local level, in order to start a debate on the conditions for storm-surge adaptation. Furthermore, DBT will use the results from the workshop for a later event on legal amendments involving the national parliament. The outcomes of all events and the material produced will feed into other base project outcomes.
An agenda and list of participants can be downloaded here.
Friday, April 25, 2014