Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

RAMSES (Reconciling Adaptation, Mitigation and Sustainable Development for Cities)

RAMSES is a project funded under the same call for proposals as BASE and will develop a rigorous, analytical framework for the implementation of adaptation strategies and measures in EU and international cities.

RAMSES will develop a set of innovative methods and tools that will quantify the impacts of climate change and the costs and benefits of adaptation to climate change and thus provide the evidence to enable policy makers to design adaptation strategies. It integrates the assessment of impacts and costs to provide a much more coherent approach than currently exists. As major centres of population, economic importance, greenhouse gas emissions and infrastructure, RAMSES focuses on adaptation issues in cities.

RAMSES will deliver:

1. A strategic frame for evidence-based adaptation decision-making.

A pragmatic and standardised framework for decision making using comparable climate change impact assumptions, impact and adaptation costs while taking account of uncertainty. This will apply and combine smart and unconventional scientific methodologies.

2. Multi-level analysis

As local administrative units, cities will be used to develop adaptation (and more generally sustainable development) strategies from the bottom-up/top-down, that can be aggregated to consider costs at the national, EU and international levels.

3. Quantification of adaptation costs

A framework for assessment of full economic costs and benefits of adaptation (to date a woefully under-researched area).

4. Policy relevance and acceptance of adaptation measures

City case studies and stakeholder engagement will ensure the relevance of the framework for policy makers and ensure adaptation measures become better accepted by other stakeholders. The frameworks will be converted into a user-friendly guide for stakeholders who need to prioritize adaptation and mitigation decisions. This reduces costs and enhances understanding and acceptance of adaptation. The data will be fed into the European Clearinghouse Mechanism to increase transparency/stakeholder access.


Coordinator: Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Duration: 2012-2017
Programme type: EU Seventh Framework Programme
Subprogramme Area: Strategies, costs and impacts of adaptation to climate change