Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

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Interested in learning more about the research and results of the BASE project from an insider's perspective? Want a unique perspective on some of our case study regions in the Southwest of England and the type of work being undertaken by the BASE project there? Then read BASE researcher Roos den Uyl's blog to find out more!

Roos M. den Uyl joined the BASE project as a postdoc in November 2013, working at the University of Exeter (at the Centre for Rural Policy Research, in the department of Politics, in the College of Social Sciences & International Studies). This blog is intended to keep track of her work for the BASE project, and to post short updates on a regular basis. Her work for this postdoc position will mainly include a focus on three topics: local adaption strategies (two cases in Devon, UK), national adaptation strategies (UK and the Netherlands), and policymaking on climate change adaption at the EU level. 

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