Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

BASE Policy Brief #3: Evaluation Criteria for Climate Adaptation

Climate change threatens the countries, regions and economic sectors of Europe in different ways. Adaptation to climate change is carried out through very different policies and measures. Monitoring and evaluating these initiatives is important for tracking successes and failures in order to foster learning. There already exist a large number of criteria and criteria sets to evaluate climate adaptation policies and measures and their implementation.

This policy brief presents the BASE Evaluation Criteria for Climate Adaptation (BECCA). BECCA consists of a list of evaluation criteria and some guidance notes on how and when to use them. BECCA was developed on the basis of the existing academic literature and policy documents that address the issue of adaptation evaluation and revised on the basis of feedback from real-world adaptation cases. The policy brief was adapted from an earlier BASE report.

BECCA is intended for use as a checklist of topics and issues to be considered in evaluations of concrete adaptation situations. In other words, not all all criteria should be applied, but rather a reasonable selection thereof. Climate adaptation is highly context-specific and, therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all criteria set for evaluating climate actions. Hence, guidance is provided on which criteria to use in which adaptation situations.

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