Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

Planning for adaptation to climate change: Guidelines for Municipalities

Based on the experience gained within the European project ACT - Adapting to Climate Change in Time - funded by the European Commission under the LIFE Programme Environmental Policy and Governance, BASE partner ISPRA, in cooperation with the municipalities of Ancona (Italy), Bullas (Spain) and Patras (Greece), has drafted the guidelines Planning for adaptation to climate change: Guidelines for Municipalities.

The aim of the Guidelines is not only to provide the basic theoretical concepts on the key issues of adaptation to climate change but also to propose a practical and operational support to local governments that are interested in starting a process of adaptation, to develop adaptation plans to climate change at local level.

Nine chapters illustrate respectively the nine steps of a methodological path defined on the basis of an accurate review of the existing literature and operational experience in climate scenarios and impacts assessment on natural and socio- economic systems. Practical examples and case studies, questions and checklists further guide the reader towards the implementation of the suggested actions.

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