Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe


A BASE analysis of EU Member State Climate Change Adaptation Strategies: Comparing approaches and drawing lessons

This presentation of a paper, by BASE partners Duncan Russel (University of Exeter), Anders Pedersen, Helle Nielsen, Anne Jensen (University of Aarhas), Silke Beck, Sabine Weiland (UFZ), Kirsi Mäkinen (SYKE), Sergio Castellari, Eleni Karali (ISPRA), Katriona Mcglade, Jenny Troeltzsch (Ecologic Institute), was given at the DCE Science for the Environment conference.

Past and future impacts of land use and climate change on agricultural ecosystem services in the Czech Republic

Lorencová, E., Frélichová, J., Nelson, E., Vačkář, D. 2013. Land Use Policy 33, 183-194

BASE partner Eliska Lorencová is the lead author in this article which provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the impacts on selected ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, food production and soil erosion) in the agricultural sector of the Czech Republic.


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