Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe


SWAP – Scenario Workshop with Adaptation Pathways: Creating a common vision for coastal adaptation pathways in Portugal

This poster, put together by researchers at BASE project partner FFCUL, was presented at the international conference 'Deltas in Times of Climate Change II: Opportunities for people, science, cities and business'. The conference was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, from 24-26 September 2014. It overviews the creation of a dynamic climate adaptation plan in the coastal region of Aveiro, Portugal. 


Urban adaptation: Challenges, strategies and capacities

This presentation of a paper, by BASE partners Anne Jensen (AU), Eliška Lorencová (CG), Xin Li (UoL), Mark Zandvoort (Deltares), Marjolijn Haasnoot (Deltares), Bjørn Bedsted (DBT), Margaretha Breil (CMCC), Filipe Alves (FCCUL), Oliver Gerbhardt (UFZ), Anders Branth Pedersen (AU) and Helle Ørsted Nielsen (AU), was given at the DCE Science for the Environment conference.


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