Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

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Europe prepares for sea level rise and heat

Researchers from the BASE project explore various aspects of climate change in local cases across Europe. Many of the cases are about preparing for extreme events. The Finnish case is from the river Kalajoki. In Germany the Baltic coastal resort of Timmendorfer Strand has been studied and Jenny Tröltzsch of Ecologic Institute underlines the importance of local participation. The Portuguese cases include the area of Cascais that is being analysed by researchers from Lisbon university. Gil Penha-Lopes stresses the importance of health aspects.

Video: About ECCA 2015

What is the 2015 European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA 2015) all about? In this shor video, Head of ECCA 2015 Organizing Committee, Dr. Hans Sanderson, outlines the goals and aims of ECCA2015, and what makes it an important and unique event for climate adaptation in Europe. 

Portuguese BASE Project leaflet

This leaflet provides a brief overview of the BASE project in Portuguese language, including the project's goals, and the challenges for planning and implementing effective and sustainable climate adaptation in Europe. A map provides a visual overview of the locations and themes of the 20 BASE case study sites. Additional information on the project team, as well as ways for you to get involved in BASE project activities are also included.


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