Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe

Europe prepares for sea level rise and heat

Researchers from the BASE project explore various aspects of climate change in local cases across Europe. Many of the cases are about preparing for extreme events. The Finnish case is from the river Kalajoki. In Germany the Baltic coastal resort of Timmendorfer Strand has been studied and Jenny Tröltzsch of Ecologic Institute underlines the importance of local participation. The Portuguese cases include the area of Cascais that is being analysed by researchers from Lisbon university. Gil Penha-Lopes stresses the importance of health aspects. In terms of solutions the need for co-operation across administrative borders stands out. From the University of Exeter researcher Roos Den Uyl has studied the case of the railway along the coast of Devon, where adaptation to future change has become a difficult issue as the responsibility for adaptation is not clearly defined.

The BASE project that started in 2012 is led by the University of Arhus and has 12 other partners.

The article is in Finnish language.

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May, 2016