Bottom up Adaptation Strategies for a Sustainable Europe


Transforming Knowledge into Adaptation Solutions

BASE supports action for sustainable climate change adaptation in Europe by making experiences and scientific information about adaptation meaningful, transferable and easily accessible to decision-makers at all levels. Read more about the challenge and our aims ...



An empirical approach to climate change adaptation

From freak winter storms to summer floods and multi-year droughts, climate change is intensifying across Europe. Effective adaptation will be essential for countries, societies and industries as they seek to minimise the negative effects and perhaps even harness the potential benefits of a changing climate, according to EU-funded researchers.

BASE event ECCA2015 nominated at Copenhagen Congress and Event Award Ceremony

Each year, Copenhagen hosts around 200 international congresses and events and despite it’s relative small size the Danish capital has been one of the world’s most popular congress cities for decades. On March 15, Wonderful Copenhagen Convention Bureau and the City of Copenhagen celebrated the Danish hosts and associations, who were responsible for attracttng and executing last year’s most important congresses and events held in 2015.

BASE Transnational Training Course

On 29 and 30 October 2015, the Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FFCUL) and Ecologic Institute, Berlin, convened a training course in Palmela (Portugal) on behalf of the BASE project.

BASE Journal Editorial

BASE project coordinator Hans Sanderson from Aarhus University has written an editorial for a Special Issue on global contaminants and climate change in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. The editorial is based on results of the BASE project. The full issue is available via open access.

BASE research in Dutch National News

The Netherlands has a new flood risk policy which intends to increase cost-effectiveness. However BASE researcher Roos Den Uyl (University of Exeter) argues that the lack of public and political debate about this new flood risk policy jeopardizes its legitimacy and effectiveness.

BASE Policy Brief #2: Climate Adaptation Strategies in the EU

There is broad consensus that National Adaptation Strategies (NAS's) are a useful tool for countries to assess vulnerabilities, mainstream climate change risks, and address adaptation. In line with this, many EU Member States are currently in different stages of designing, implementing and reviewing their own NAS’s, a practice actively encouraged by the European Union under its 2013 Adaptation Strategy. As these processes have occurred over different timeframes and in differen

Follow BASE Researcher Roos den Uyl's Blog

Interested in learning more about the research and results of the BASE project from an insider's perspective? Want a unique perspective on some of our case study regions in the Southwest of England and the type of work being undertaken by the BASE project there? Then read BASE researcher Roos den Uyl's blog to find out more!

BASE Project Leaflet

This leaflet (download here) provides a brief overview of the BASE project, including the project's goals, and the challenges for planning and implementing effective and sustainable climate adaptation in Europe. A map provides a visual overview of the locations and themes of the 20 BASE case study sites. Additional information on the project team, as well as ways for you to get involved in BASE project activities are also included. A Portuguese version is also available here.


Event report: Adaptation Futures 2016 Conference

BASE was selected as a best practice project at the Adaptation Futures 2016 Conference which took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from 10 until 13 May 2016. The conference was one of the largest ever held on climate change adaptation. BASE partners made 12 presentations on the project's research results, showed the tools developed and hosted two dedicated sessions at the conference. 


BASE research in U.K. news

UK national and local news coverage of BASE research by Dr. Roos den Uyl and Dr Duncan Russel from the University of Exeter on the growing vulnerability of Britain’s coastal infrastructure.


BASE Policy Brief #3: Evaluation Criteria for Climate Adaptation

Climate change threatens the countries, regions and economic sectors of Europe in different ways. Adaptation to climate change is carried out through very different policies and measures. Monitoring and evaluating these initiatives is important for tracking successes and failures in order to foster learning. There already exist a large number of criteria and criteria sets to evaluate climate adaptation policies and measures and their implementation.